Social Security Strategies to Discuss with a Financial Professional

Everyone’s financial situation is different. Loan status, job situation, and the age of your kids all significantly impact your financial situation as you approach retirement. When it comes to Social Security there are a lot of different factors to consider, and the right path forward may not be apparent to you. Just because someone else [...]

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Don’t Forget that Medicare Open Enrollment is Here!

From October 15 to December 7, Medicare has an open enrollment period.[1] This is the time when you can change your health plan and prescription drug coverage to adapt to your needs.[1] Every year, there are changes to Medicare health plans and networks, so make sure that you know if your coverage is changing.[1]  If [...]

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Reexamining the Retirement Investment Portfolio

When talking about retirement financial planning, we often take investment strategy at face value. But what does an investment strategy really consist of? An investment strategy is utilized to help your wealth not only retain its value against inflation but hopefully grow as well. When it comes to retirement, there’s another aspect of income generation [...]

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Why October is a Crucial Time for Retirees

Now that the temperature is getting colder and we’re heading into October, there is something very important on the horizon for retirees: the announcement of the 2023 COLA for Social Security. COLA stands for “cost of living adjustment,” and it is essentially a yearly increase to Social Security payouts.[1] Every year, Social Security is increased [...]

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